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P-Trap Sonde Carrier for Tight Bends

The P-Trap Sonde Carrier was designed to slip through 2 inch P-Traps

Built to Perform

Each product is designed to address specific scenarios. From navigating a bullet sonde past tight bends to viewing a clear picture in direct sunlight, these innovative tools are both durable and easy to use.

A durable solution for camera inspecting 3 inch to 12 inch lines

Rugged and simple to operate, the Gvision Camera System is an affordable camera solution with user-friendly functionality.

Gvision V3

A durable lightweight monitor, the Gvision V3 is a user-friendly digital recorder with a daylight LCD for professional sewer inspections.

Gvision V1 Monitor

Adaptable to most camera reels, the Gvision V1 is an affordable solution for sewer inspections with a sunlight-viewable screen and durable build.

The SS20 and SS30 Sondes are powerful 512Hz transmitters for locating underground utilities.

The SXR Locator is a professional's tool for pinpointing the most difficult locations using a step-null method.

JetSonde Kit

The JetSonde Carrier attaches to hydro-jet hoses to push bullet sondes and cameras down long pipe runs. 

Coming Soon​​​​​

The P-Trap Sonde Carrier will carrier remote transmitters past 2 inch p-traps and tight bends.

Coming Soon

The Samson Arm Hoist is a powerful lift for transporting heavy machinery to and from your truck.

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