Record onto an Apple® Device

Power on the Gvision. The REC/STOP button light should be status auburn (red & green) to indicate the DVR is on and no device is connected.

Set up your Apple® Device

Download Gplink 2.0 Beta Version. Click here to download the app. Unlock your Apple® device if it has a passcode.


Insert a lightning to USB Apple® cord or 30-pin to USB Apple® cord into the Gvision’s USB port. Connect the other end to your Apple® Device. The REC/STOP button light will flash green until it has connected.

The REC/STOP button light will turn solid green to indicate the device has successfully connected. Press REC/STOP to start and stop a recording.


You can use your Apple® device’s other functions while it is recording.


Open the Gplink app. If you do not see your new video, tap the refresh button. You should now see your latest recording. Tap the recording to play it.