Update the Gvision Firmware


DO NOT POWER OFF the Gvision Monitor and DO NOT REMOVE the USB device while the firmware is being upgraded. Doing so will ruin the recorder.

Other Notes –

*Test a USB flash drive with the Gvision before the update. Plug it into the Gvision USB port and wait for it to connect. If it successfully connects, the flash drive passes. We recommend using the Gplayer flash drive for the best results.​

Follow these steps carefully

  1. Contact EPL Solutions, Inc. for the proper update. Copy the “irupdate.bin” file to a blank USB flash drive*.
  2. Connect Gvision to a 12 volt Power supply and do not use the internal battery for power. Attach the USB flash drive to Gvision Monitor and power on.
  3. After detecting the flash drive, the status LED will turn RED. This indicates that the firmware upgrade has started.
  4. Status LED will remain RED for 1 to 2 minutes.
  5. When the REC/STOP status LED is blinking Red-Green-Auburn, you need to power off Gvision monitor.
  6. Remove the USB flash drive.
    • Repeat steps 1-5.
    • Perform a recording test to verify the update was successful.
    • You can verify your firmware update by looking into epl.txt for firmware type. The contents should read: video recorder firmware version: (current version number).