Our Mission

We help companies improve their business by supplying the best tool for their application, providing top-notch repairs and offering training so they can get the most out of their equipment.

There is no question when it comes to fair treatment and great value. We believe in treating our customers the way we want to be treated. Our hope and goal is to secure a lasting relationship built on mutual trust and respect.

Group class on using a hydro-jet machine

John Bartucciotto, founder, teaches a class on using a hydro-jet machine

Our Founder

John Bartucciotto owned a sub-contracting business from 1993 - 2012 which specialized in line location, leak detection and drain cleaning services.

John invented a diagnostic monitor when there was nothing on the market comparable to what he wanted; namely, a ruggedized, sunlight-viewable monitor.

John's drive to improve and the popularity of his inventions began EPL Solutions, Inc. We were created to invent solutions.


Distributors of our products

Allan J. Coleman Co.

5725 N. Ravenswood Avenue

Chicago, IL 60660

Phone: 773-728-2400

Fax: 773-728-2499



Duracable Manufacturing Co.

300 Ashworth Rd

West Des Moines, IA 50265

Phone: 877-244-0740



US Jetting

850 McFarland Road

Alpharetta, GA 30004

Phone: 800-538-8464



Customer Reviews

Tristan Caley Technician
Jared Kinder Service Technician
Rick Krumscheid Project Manager
Jay Harris Owner/Operator
Eric Young Technician
Matt Bigos Owner/Operator
Erick Peyton Service Technician

These guys are the best! Every time I come in they recognize me and are super helpful. Great prices, very fast service, always smiling. Definitely recommend using them. Every person knows their products in and out, all experts.

I've been coming here for a few years. I've had custom work done, bought cutting blades I wouldn't have considered using otherwise but made all the difference thanks to their recommendations. They helped my boss keep from being stuck with an underpowered machine that we had ordered initially without being heavy-handed about it. Their camera repairs are meant to be permanent or at least until the user fumbles the ball again unlike some other shops. They can repair jetters without you driving to the middle of a farm. John set me up with a jetter nozzle less expensive than the industry standard, less maintenance sensitive and with better cutting power. I always leave being better than when I arrive.

Performance Pipelining, Inc has been using the EPL Solutions Gvision recordable monitors for around 6 years now. These monitors are built like tanks! My guys are really rough on their everyday tools, and the Gvision monitors always hold up and perform.

The staff at EPL Solutions are top notch and are always open to feedback on the products. I would not hesitate to recommend these monitors to anyone.

These are great! They have just about everything. What they don't have, they can get. What you need, even if no one sells it yet, they can make. All around good guys and willing to think things through with you.

Honest reliable equipment repair! One of the best in the industry.

I was very impressed with the Durcable machine they sold me. Best machine I've ever owned!

These guys do what no one else can. They have all the specialty equipment you will need for your plumbing business. And specialty drain equipment that you can't find anywhere else. I have been going to these guys for years.Every time I walk in the shop I learned something there


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